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Volume 53(3); Sep 2007

Original Article
The Effect of Lidocaine Spray before Endotracheal Intubation on the Incidence of Cough and Hemodynamics during Emergence in Children.
You Mi Ki, Nan Suk Kim, Sang Ho Lim, Myoung Hoon Kong, Hee Zoo Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):S1-S6.

Randomized Controlled Trial
The Effects of Lidocaine, Fentanyl, Nicardipine, and Esmolol on Hemodynamic and Bispectral Index Responses during Induction with Thiopental Sodium.
Hyoung Yong Shin, Jun Woo Kim, Ae Ra Kim, Young Ho Jang, Jin Mo Kim, Jung In Bae
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):S7-S13.

Perioperative Management of Diabetic Patients.
Kyoung Hun Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):279-290.

Randomized Controlled Trials
The Effect of Premedication using a Jet-injector in Pediatric Patients.
Geon Kim, Hyo Seok Na, Seon Jung Kim, Seung Woon Lim, Jin Ho Bae
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):291-297.
Entropy Monitoring Allowed Lower Sevoflurane Concentration and Shorter Recovery Time in Sevoflurane Anesthesia.
Hyun Seok Kang, Sang Wook Shin, Tae Kyun Kim, Chul Hong Kim, Jae Young Kwon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):298-303.

Original Articles
Utility of Esophageal Doppler and the Hemodynamic Effect of Nicardipine during a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.
Heon Keun Lee, Seong Ho Lee, Min Hyun Noe, In Kyu Kim, Myoung Keun Shin, Haeng Seon Shim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):304-310.
The Influence of Sevoflurane Anesthesia on Various Kinds of Spontaneous Baroreflex Sensitivities.
Su Jin Kang, Gyu Sam Hwang, Sung Min Han
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):311-317.

Randomized Controlled Trials
The Effect of Remifentanil on Pain during Local Anesthetic Infiltration in Moderately Sedated Plastic Surgery Patients.
Keun Sook Sohn, Hye Won Lee, Sung Uk Choi, Hae Ja Lim, Suk Min Yoon, Seong Ho Chang
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):318-324.
The Effect of Combined Ephedrine and Lidocaine Pretreatment on Tracheal Intubation Condition and Maximum Neuromuscular Block after Rocuronium Administration.
Jong Hyuk Kim, Se Jin Ok, Hye Won Lee, Hae Ja Lim, Seong Ho Chang, Suk Min Yoon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):325-331.
The Effects of Continuous Nicardipine Infusion on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate during Endotracheal Intubation.
Young Soon Kim, Wha Ja Kang, Sang Young Kim, Young Kyoo Choi, Ok Young Shin
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):332-337.

Original Article
Comparison of the Hemodynamic Changes following Intraaortic and Intravenous Administration of Protamine after Cardiopulmonary Bypass.
Hyung Chang Lee, Young Jhoon Chin, Chan Jong Chung, So Ron Choi
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):338-343.

Randomized Controlled Trial
Effectiveness of Ondansetron and Midazolam in the Prevention of PONV after Thyroidectomy.
Jae Hyun Ha, Kyung Hwa Kwak, Jeong Won Seo, Su Hyun Lee, Sung Sik Park, Woon Ei Baek
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):344-349.

Original Article
Comparision of Total Intravenous Anesthesia and Sevoflurane-N2O-Alfentanil Anesthesia for Laryngeal Microscopic Surgery.
Jae Sik Jung, In Ho Ha, Woon Yi Baek, Jung Gil Hong, Si Oh Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):350-355.

Randomized Controlled Trial
Comparison of Thiopental Sodium and Ketamine Induction on Emergence Agitation after Desflurane Anesthesia in Children undergoing a Tonsillectomy.
Han Seok Kim, Soo Kyung Lee, Hyo Seok Kang, Young Mi Kim, Hyun Choi, Hyun Soo Moon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):356-360.

Original Articles
Peripheral Analgesic Effect of Ketamine in Rat Formalin Test.
Young Woo Cho, Sun Ok Song, Dong Kuk Ahn, Jae Yong Lee
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):361-367.
The Change of Neuropathic Pain and Pain Related Gene Expression following Exposure to Chronic Smoking.
Hyeon Jeong Lee, Sang Wook Shin, Woo Seong Yang, Seung Hoon Baek, Cheul Hong Kim, Hae Kyu Kim, Seong Wan Baik
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):374-381.

Case Reports
Therapy of Pulmonary Thromboembolism under Emergency Byspass System during Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair: A case report.
Dong Min Jang, Kyung Tae Kim, Jung Won Kim, Won Joo Choe, Jeong Rak Lee, Sang Il Lee
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):391-394.
Anesthesia for Heart Transplantation in Dilated Cardiomyopathy Patient with Delirium: A case report.
Hee Yeong Kim, In Cheol Choi, Yong Bo Jung, Tae Hee Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):395-398.
Bilateral Pneumothorax Induced by Tracheal Injury during Total Thyroidectomy with Modified Radical Neck Dissection: A case report.
Woo Jong Choi, Young Soo Park, Sung Moon Jeong, Seung Woo Ku, Pyong Hwan Park
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):399-402.
Anesthetic Experience of an Acromegalic Patient with Body Weight of 205 kg: A case report.
Yunjoo Kim, Youn Jin Kim, Hee Jung Baik, Jong Hak Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):403-406.
Anesthetic Management of a Patient with Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia: A case report.
Min Woo Jeong, Kwang Suk Seo, Hyun Jeong Kim, Kwang Won Yum
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):407-410.
Acute Pulmonary Edema for Surgical Removal of Pheochromocytoma: A case report.
Cheol Kun Kim, Sang Ji Han, Jun Hak Lee, Young Eun Kwon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):411-415.
Anesthetic Management of Cesarean Section in Parturient with Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A case report.
Kwang Sik Kim, Sung Uk Choi, Hye Won Shin, Hye Won Lee, Hae Ja Lim, Suk Min Yoon, Seong Ho Chang
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):416-418.
Anesthetic Management of Embolization for a Cerebral Aneurysm in Patient with Portal-systemic Encephalopathy: A case report.
Jin Young Hwang, Duck Kyoung Kim, Ka Young Rhee, Won Kyoung Kwon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):419-422.

Randomized Controlled Trials
Intrathecal Midazolam Added to Bupivacaine Prolongs the Duration of Spinal Blockade to T10 Dermatome in Orthopedic Patients.
Mi Ja Yun, Yoon Hee Kim, Jin Hee Kim, Kyoung Ok Kim, Aa Young Oh, Hee Pyoung Park
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):S22-S28.

Original Article
Segmental Spread with Three Different Dosages of 1.5% Lidocaine in Thoracic Epidural Analgesia.
Sang Ho Kim, Sun Young Park, Sang Hyun Kim, Jeong Seok Lee, Wook Park
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):S29-S35.

Randomized Controlled Trials
Sevoflurane Does not Adversely Affect Myocardial Function after Ventricular Septal Defect Repair in Children.
Seung Hoon Baek, Jae Young Kwon, Seong Wan Baik, Hae Kyu Kim, Sang Min Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):S36-S40.

Original Article
Case Reports
Neurogenic Cardiopulmonary Instability with Pulmonary Edema after a Traumatic Head Injury: A case report.
Duk Kyung Kim, Kyoung Min Lee, Won Kyoung Kwon, Seung Min Jeong
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):S52-S57.
Experience of Suspected Propofol Infusion Syndrome in a Status Epilepticus Patient: A case report.
Young Ho Jung, Dong Uk Kang, Sang Seok Lee, Yun Hee Lim, Byung Hoon Yoo, Jun Heum Yon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2007;53(3):S58-S60.
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  • Hemodynamic management during off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery: a narrative review of proper targets for safe execution and troubleshooting. Korean J Anesthesiol. 2023;76:267-279


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