Korean Journal of Anesthesiology



Author’s checklist

Before submitting your manuscript to KJA, please read in detail the part of manuscript preparation of author information in journal homepage to make sure that your manuscript is correctly described based upon the journal style.

Title page

  • □ Please check that author names and affiliations are correct. Also, corresponding author details (including email address) should be included in the title page.


  • □ Please make sure that the results shown in the abstract are the same in the results section of the manuscript and in the table or figure.
  • □ Please check the number of keywords. Six or more keywords are recommended.

Main text

  • □ Please ensure that the aim or hypothesis of this manuscript is described in the introduction section.
  • □ Please check the description about written informed consent and IRB approval for a clinical human study in the methods section.
  • □ Please check that primary and secondary outcome measurements are properly described in the methods section.
  • □ Please check that there is a description about sample size calculation in the methods section.
  • □ Please ensure that appropriate statistical analysis is used for comparison of variables.
  • □ Please draw a CONSORT diagram in a randomized controlled study as you can as possible.
  • □ Please ensure that the number of patients included in the statistical analysis is the same in the results section of the manuscript.
  • □ Please check that the table contents are identically described in the results section of the manuscript.
  • □ Please check that the conclusions of the manuscript are appropriately described based upon results.
  • □ Please check that references cited are appropriate and correctly formatted as the KJA style.

Tables and figures

  • □ Please describe p value with three decimal places and express the unit corresponding to the variable in tables.
  • □ Please supply high-resoution figures suitable for print production.
  • □ Please check that there are explanations about abbreviations and marks in table and figure legends.

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