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Letters to the Editor The effects of sugammadex on isolated human internal mammary artery and saphenous vein rings
Mert C. Ongun, Bahar Oc, Mehmet Oc, Hulagu Bariskaner
Received January 8, 2024  Accepted March 8, 2024  
Response to letter
Byungjin Choi, Ah Ran Oh, Jungchan Park, Seunghwa Lee
Received February 28, 2024  Accepted May 20, 2024  
Clinical Research Articles Effect of perioperative intravenous ibuprofen versus acetaminophen on postoperative opioid consumption and pain after general anesthesia: a systematic review and meta-analysis with trial sequential analysis of randomized controlled trials
Sung Hye Kim, Hyun Kang, In-Jung Jun, Hye Won Park, Byung Hoon Yoo, Yun-Hee Lim, Kye-Min Kim
Received February 6, 2024  Accepted April 9, 2024  
Comparison of remimazolam and desflurane in emergence agitation after general anesthesia for nasal surgery: A prospective randomized controlled study
Sung-Ae Cho, So-min Ahn, Woojin Kwon, Tae-Yun Sung
Received December 27, 2023  Accepted April 14, 2024  
Review Articles Renal implications of pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic surgery: mechanisms, risk factors, and preventive strategies
Gianluca Villa, Marco Fiorentino, Eleonora Cappellini, Sergio Lassola, Silvia De Rosa
Received February 8, 2024  Accepted April 12, 2024  
Letters to the Editor Response to: Comment on “Comparison of the pericapsular nerve group block with the intra-articular and quadratus lumborum blocks in primary total hip arthroplasty: a randomized controlled trial”
Tayfun Et, Muhammet Korkusuz
Received March 30, 2024  Accepted April 7, 2024  
Assessment of fluid infusion rate using a pulse oximeter: a pilot study
Yeiheum Park, Sungho Moon
Received June 28, 2023  Accepted August 16, 2023  
Clinical Research Articles Ultrasound mapping of soft tissue vascular anatomy proximal to the larynx: a prospective cohort study
Alessandro De Cassai, Margherita Iuzzolino, Silvia De Pinto, Giovanni Zecchino, Tommaso Pettenuzzo, Annalisa Boscolo, Eugenio Biamonte, Paolo Navalesi, Marina Munari
Received December 4, 2023  Accepted April 23, 2024  
The incidences of nausea and vomiting after general anesthesia with remimazolam versus sevoflurane: a prospective randomized controlled trial
Yeong Min Yoo, Jae Hong Park, Ki Hwa Lee, Ah Hyeon Yi, Tae Kyun Kim
Received December 19, 2023  Accepted March 26, 2024  
Case Report Retro superior costotransverse ligament space block as an effective analgesia after laparoscopic gastrectomy: a case report
Youngin Lee, Seunguk Bang, Jihyun Chung, Jookyoung Moon
Received November 30, 2023  Accepted February 5, 2024  
Review Articles Postoperative neurocognitive disorders in ambulatory surgery: a narrative review
Junyong In, Brian Chen, Hansu Bae, Sakura Kinjo
Received December 27, 2023  Accepted April 2, 2024  
Experimental Research Article Damage-associated molecular patterns as a mechanism of sevoflurane-induced neuroinflammation in neonatal rodents
Young-Eun Joe, Ji Hae Jun, Ju Eun Oh, Jeong-Rim Lee
Received November 1, 2023  Accepted March 17, 2024  
Review Articles Tranexamic acid - a promising hemostatic agent with limitations: a narrative review
Dong Joon Kim, Su Yeon Cho, Ki Tae Jung
Received July 7, 2023  Accepted August 21, 2023  
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Clinical Research Articles Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: comparison of subarachnoid analgesia, erector spine plane block, and intravenous analgesia for postoperative pain management
Pasquale Buonanno, Nicola Logrieco, Annachiara Marra, Lorenzo Spirito, Gianluigi Califano, Federica Blasio, Nausica Di Falco, Achille Aveta, Gianluca Spena, Giuseppe Servillo
Received December 27, 2022  Accepted February 7, 2023  
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Letters to the Editor WITHDRAWN:Smartphones are definitely a boon in operation theatre if used smartly enough
Anju Gupta, Nishkarsh Gupta
Received June 9, 2019  Accepted June 18, 2019  

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