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Volume 41(6); Dec 2001

Experimental Research Articles
Role of Nitric Oxide in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury and Lipid Peroxidation in Rats.
Kyoung Min Lee, Hee Uk Kwon, Kong Been Im, Jong Taek Park
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):S7-S12.

Clinical Research Articles
The Negative Effects of Patient Controlled Sedation Using Midazolam for Cataract Surgery under Retrobulbar Block.
Hyun Joo Ahn, Tae Soo Hahm, Byung Dal Lee
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):669-675.
Effects of Flow Rate and Dilution during Anesthesia Induction with Propofol.
Ho Yeong Kil, Hoon Park, Hyun Hwa Lee, Tae Hyun Han, Bong Soo Chae, Sung Jun Hong
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):676-680.
Inhibitory Effects of Propofol Mixed with Lidocaine on Fentanyl Induced Cough Reflex.
Jeong Ryang Ha, Gui Soon Kim, Yong Son, Young Pyo Cheong, Yoon Kang Song, Tai Yo Kim, Jae Seong Yoon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):681-684.
Study of Acid-Base in Arterial and Central Venous Blood during.
Min Sun Jeon, Hee Koo Yoo, Jae Chul Shim, Mi Ae Cheong, Jeong Woo Jeon, Sang Gu Lee
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):685-692.
Comparison between Epidural Analgesia and Combined Spinal-Epidural Analgesia for Labor and Delivery.
Heung Seo Park, Sin Young Yang, Seok Hwa Yoon, Soo Chang Son
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):699-706.
The Effect of Maternal Supine or Lateral Tilt Position on Maternal and Neonate Outcome.
yun Jin Kim, Jong Hak Kim, Choon Hi Lee
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):713-719.
Relaxant Effects of Thiopental, Ketamine, and Propofol on Isolated Rat Tracheal smooth Muscle.
Sun Chong Kim, Soon Im Kim, In Suk Jeon, Sang Chul Bai, Jeong Seok Lee, Sung Yell Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):727-733.

Experimental Research Articles
Effects of Glibenclamide and L-NAME on Hypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction in Rats.
Ah Young Oh, Seong Deok Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):741-747.
The Value of Systemic Ketamine for Preemptive Analgesia in a Rat Model for ostoperative Pain.
Hae Jin Lee, Jin Hwan Choi, Se Ho Moon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):767-774.

Case Reports
Intubating Layngeal Mask Airway in Awake Intubation.
In Hea Cho, Tae Youp Kwon, Hong Seuk Yang, Sung Min Han
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):775-779.
Unanticipated Difficult Intubation in a Patient with an Asymptomatic Epiglottic Cyst.
Myung Sin Suh, Eun Sook Yoo, Oi Gyeong Cho, Jin Soo Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):780-782.
Anesthetic Considerations in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome with Status Asthmaticus.
Jang Hyeok In, Dae Woo kim, Jin Deok Joo, Yeon Soo Chun
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):788-791.
Epidural Block of Bupivacaine and Mexiletine for Erythromelalgia.
Soo Kyung Park, Kyung Ream Han, Young Seok Lee, Hae Shin Hyun, Chan Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):792-795.

Clinical Research Articles
Analgesic Effects of Gabapentin on Post-hysterectomy Pain.
Keon Jung Yoon, Chang Sung Kim, keon Hee Ryu, Eun Sung Kim, Jong Ho Choi, Yoon Ki Lee, Dong Eon Moon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):S13-S18.
Behavioral Effects of Different Concentrations of Formalin on Pain Test.
Il Ok Lee, Sun Hee Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):S19-S25.
Discogenic Lumbar Pain: Correlation between Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Discography.
Jae Chol Shim, Dong Won Kim, Jeong Woo Jeon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):S26-S32.

Experimental Research Article
The Potentiation of the Analgesic Effect of Intrathecally Coadministered Magnesium Sulphate and Bupivacaine in Duration of Sensory Blockade in Rats.
Jae Chan Choi, Kyung Bong Yoon, Jin Soo Kim, Soon Yul Kim, Kwang Ho Lee, Young Bok Lee, Hyun Kyo Lim, Eun Sung Jun
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):S33-S38.
Case Report
Acute Dystonia by Droperidol during Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia in Children.
Chang Kil Park, Hwan Yeong Choi, In Young Oh, Myung Suk Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 2001;41(6):S39-S42.
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  • Hemodynamic management during off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery: a narrative review of proper targets for safe execution and troubleshooting. Korean J Anesthesiol. 2023;76:267-279


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