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Volume 33(6); Dec 1997

Experimental Research Article
Regulation of Astroglial Volume by Ketamine in Glutamate Induced Cellular Volume Changes.
Myung Hee Kim, Tae Soo Hahm, Hyun Joo Ahn
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1005-1011.

Case Report

Experimental Research Articles
Hemodynamic Responses and Oxygen Availability in Unanesthetized Dogs during Apnea.
Dae Lim Jee, Jun Man Park, Seong Kee Kim, Jae Kyu Cheun
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1020-1028.
The Inhibition of Stress-Induced c-fos Expression by Superior Cervical Ganglion Block in Rat Brain.
Hyun Ju Jung, Chong Min Park, Dong Suk Chung, Myung Ja Ahn, Hyung Jin Byun
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1029-1036.

Clinical Research Articles
Approximate Entropy of Hypertension: Effect of Anesthesia.
Hee Soo Kim, Jong Hoon Yeom, Woo Jong Shin, Yong Chul Kim, Dong Ho Lee, Myoung Gul Yum
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1042-1048.
The Estimate of Difficult Endotracheal Intubation.
Keum Chel Parek, Sang Heeon Kim, Hong Seuk Yang
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1049-1053.
The Effect of the Intravenous Esmolol on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate during Electroconvulsive Therapy.
Ok Young Shin, Chull Ho Kang, Keon Sik Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1054-1060.
Comparison of Isoflurane and Propofol Anesthesia on Postoperative Nausea, Vomiting and Recovery after Tonsillectomy in Children.
Seung Hee Park, Jun Hak Lee, Ki Nam Lee, Jun Il Moon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1061-1066.
Effect of Pancuronium, Vecuronium and Atracurium to the Plasma Cholinesterase Activity.
Sung Yell Kim, Jeong Seok Lee, Se Hong Shim, Soon Im Kim, Sun Chong Kim, Wook Park
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1067-1070.
Action Duration of Atracurium in the Elderly Patients.
Myung Ho Jin, Dong Ho Park, Hong Seuk Yang, Byung Te Suh
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1071-1076.
Continuous Epidural Clonidine for Analgesia after Cesarean Section.
Tae Soo Hahm, Nam Gee Park, Chung Su Kim, Jeon Jin Lee, Gaab Soo Kim, Heyn Sung Jo
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1077-1083.
Intraoperative Normovolemic Hemodilution in Patients Undergonig Posterolateral Spinal Fusion: Safety and Efficacy.
Jeong Gill Leem, Ji Yeon Shin, Sang Un Park, Dong Myung Lee, Hong Seuk Yang
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1091-1096.
The Effect on Onset Time of Warming Local Anesthetic for Caudal Block.
Ji Ah Lee, Soo Jin Chung, Sang Bo Han, Tae Ho Chung, Chung Hwan Park
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1098-1102.
The Topical Intraperitoneal Anesthesia of 0.5% Bupivacaine Before Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is Effective on the Postoperative Pain Control.
Mi Ja Seouk, Seung Ok Hwang, Gwan Woo Lee, Bong Jin Kang, Seok Kon Kim, Tae Jin Kim
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1103-1108.
Pulmonary Function Changes during Spinal Anesthesia - Bupivacaine vs. Tetracaine -.
Jeon Jin Lee, Woo Jae Joun, Chung Su Kim, Gaab Soo Kim, Tae Soo Hahm, Heyn Sung Jo, Tae Hyung Han, Baek Hyo Shin
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1109-1115.
The Comparison of the Effect of Enflurane and Propofol on Arterial Oxygenation during One-Lung Ventilation.
Sung Sik Kang, In Chul Choi, Jin Mee Joung, Ji Yeon Shin, Myung Won Cho
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1121-1128.
Caudal Epidural Morphine for Postoperative Analgesia in Children.
Chan Soo Han, Il Suk Choi, Il Ho Kim, Yu Jae Kim, Chun Sook Kim, Ki Rhyang Ahn
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1129-1133.
The Phantom Limb Sensation Expressed by Spinal Anesthesia.
Yoon Choi, Phil Hwan Lee, Joong Woo Leem, Mi Ja Yoon, Ji Yeon Shin, Hong Seuk Yang, Dong Myung Lee
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1134-1141.
Incomplete Preemptive Analgesic Effects of Tenoxicam on Continuous Intravenous Analgesia with Morphine after Cesarean Section.
Man Seog Ro, Geon Ho Do, Joung Ho Kim, Hoon Soo Gang
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1154-1158.
Postoperative Sore Throat and Hoarseness : Influence of the Method of Anesthesia Induction and Time for Extubation.
Se Jin Jung, Yong Soon Lim, Seong Hoon Ko, He Sun Song
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1159-1163.
Case Reports
Nasal Mask BiPAP for the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Kyphoscoliosis.
Shin Ok Koh, Byoung Hark Park, Eun Chi Bang, Sung Sik Chon, Yong Taek Nam, Won Young Lee
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1207-1211.
Unilateral Vocal Cord Palsy after Endotracheal Intubation: A case report.
Seung Ok Hwang, Gwan Woo Lee, Bong Jin Kang, Seok Kon Kim, Nam Hoon Park
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1212-1216.
Anesthesia for a Patient with Moyamoya Disease presenting for Emergency Cesarean Section: A case report.
Chong Dal Chung, Keum Young So, Kyung Joon Lim, Hak Kyu Moon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1217-1219.
Postoperative Severe Hemorrhage Due to Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation: A case report.
Eun Bae Chung, Seung Hee Park, Jun Hak Lee, Ki Nam Lee, Jun Il Moon
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1220-1224.
Anesthetic Management of the Hypothermic Patient with Intracranial Hemorrhage.
In Whan Choi, Pyeong Hee Kang, Kyung Hae Lee
Korean J Anesthesiol. 1997;33(6):1225-1228.
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